The Richest Man (or woman) In Town

Put yourself in George Bailey’s shoes.

georgebaileybarIf you were a parent, you’d have no children. Your friends wouldn’t recognize you. The life that you knew wouldn’t exist.

Did you save a life?

Did you make a difference in someone else’s life by providing kind words, or doing a good deed?

Did you help a wounded animal live?

Did you provide food for the poor? Help build housing for those in need?

None of these things would be accomplished because you weren’t there to make them happen; you wish you hadn’t been born.

If you hadn’t been born, people’s personalities may be completely different from what you would remember. Places you frequented often and had an invested, loving interest in wouldn’t exist. It’s a great gift to be given; knowing what it would be like if you hadn’t been born.

The number of people’s lives you affect and the actions you choose to take certainly leave an indelible scar on others. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your actions.

George Bailey found out the deep impact he had on everyone that was intertwined in his life and what happens to those people when you aren’t around to provide them with a positive effect or action.

You’re an important person. At this time of year, it is often hard for some people to carry on with the happy-happy-happiness that goes along with the holidays. At times, people equate holidays with tragedies. There is also the possibility that the re-connection with a loved one will not happen. Whatever the issue, there is no need to think that you wish you hadn’t been born.

God has given you a life with purpose. The personality you’ve carved and the scars you courageously show is all in your Grand Plan.georgebailytree

If you are feeling a bit down this holiday season, take a moment to think about all the positive aspects of your actions to the lives of the people you’ve affected. The world would certainly be a different place without you if you weren’t there to help an elderly person cross the street, stop a child from going into oncoming traffic, or simply turn a frown into a smile for someone who has had a bad day by simply saying a few kind words.

These things make you the richest man/woman in town..



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