New Year Resolutions

As you can see by the title of my blog, this is about New Year Resolutions.

I don’t abide by this rule. I am a typical Type A person. Once I set my mind on something I won’t stop until I get it. So, unlike many who have New Year Resolutions, I can only attain goals.

The word, “Goal,” seems more resolute; at least to me.

nyresolutionsNew Years Resolutions are the typical fare: lose weight, save  more money, get a better job, dump your present significant other for someone who is more worthy, quit biting your nails, get more pedicures so you don’t look like Fred Flintstone in sandals, do something with your life; anything that would equate to progress from where you are now.

For me, this coming year is a milestone along with many of my friends. I turn fifty in April. Am I upset about turning 50? No. It’s just a number. Am I upset about the gravitational pull the earths orbit has on my body, and the fact that I’m needing to dye my hair every five weeks instead of six? Yes. I suppose I’m not aging gracefully, but at least I’m not having a three-year-old-tantrum on my living room floor –  refusing to believe that fifty is just around the corner.

They say fifty is the new thirty. I suppose if you are in extremely good health that would be totally cool. But, my health isn’t what I had envisioned coming up on my golden anniversary. Does anyone envision themselves being where they would be at fifty?

I know I’m happy. That’s the main thing. I know my son is taken care of if I get run over by a train, or an Acme anvil drops on my head.

So, happiness is one of my goals and I’ve met it with wild abandon. Anything else? Yes. I still want to travel certain parts of the world that I haven’t yet visited: Spain is at the top of my list. Hawaii is ALWAYS on my list. Don’t bore me with Florida. Been there – done that. How many fast food chains can you eat at with 85 year old people, anyway? Driving there makes me want to increase my blood pressure medication. Are dark sunglasses that go ALL the way around your head legal in the state of Florida? I feel like I may be possibly missing out on a 3D movie while driving. No wonder they’re catapulting their vehicles into hair salons and 7-11’s.

As far as career achievements go, my goal is to be published by an actual publisher. Not self published. Like a good meal, savory results take time. I’ll reach that goal and hopefully skydive once or twice more with my son in tow for his 21st birthday.

The end of an old year leading into a new one may sound promising for a lot of folks. But, let’s just face the facts: They’re just dates in time. 12/31/13 to 1/1/14. Big Deal. Turning over a new leaf, so to speak, shouldn’t have to wait until the first of the year in order to accomplish a bad habit or rid yourself of a bad person, abhorrent job, cleaning out over-stocked closets that can clothe a third world nation, or even deciding to actually use the seat belt in your car. God, let’s not forget to quit smoking.

You can do these things at any time on the calendar if you put your mind to it.

So, what’s it gonna be? Why wait until January 1st to rid yourself of the things that you feel are ruining your life?

Just like Nike says, “Just Do It.”


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