The Superbowl — And Food

Both 13 – 3, I am eagerly anticipating a good game on February 2nd between the Broncos and Seahawks. I don’t want any of those blowout scores of 54 – 3. This is the Superbowl, damnit. Both teams got there with some really great games, so why stop at Division Championships? There is nothing more disappointing than a boring Superbowl game.

As I see it, it’s the last game of the season, so it should go out with all the fanfare that it did when it started the season in July. It’s a shame football doesn’t have a longer playing season like hockey or basketball which, by the way, is pretty much a year round sport if you make it into the finals. I can empathize though (yes–I actually have this ability), with the relentless beating football players go through with every game. Jeez — my aching back.



And, neck.

The Superbowl is also a ritual to many Americans. We actually have boards on our Pinterest accounts for “Superbowl Foods.” I don’t personally, but I bet others do! If you do, you should share the link in the comments section of this blog, this way we can all share everyone else Superbowl fare.

At times, I see a picture like this:


A huge stadium display of sandwiches, cold cuts and cheese. All of this is on Pinterest, mind you. I have yet to see anyone who had a Superbowl party in their homes prepare a magnificent feast such as an edible football stadium. Now that I’ve said this, I know my sister will take on the challenge. She’ll probably add onto this idea and make little stadium flags out of olives and pickles.

I wonder how long it would take to make something like that? And, if it took a really long time, wouldn’t you be exposing the fresh meat to be “not so fresh?” Who has a refrigerator to store something that huge?

Aaah. Superbowl food. Who uses this one day of the year to bust away from your New Year’s resolution and just go on a binge? Let’s face it: Superbowl food is a lot like comfort food. Chicken wings, chili, nachos, meatballs. Is it making you hungry? Me too.

So, in the spirit of Superbowl parties, I’m actually going to give you a recipe. If you live in the Midwest, you may be familiar with the fast food chain, White Castle. White Castle hamburgers are the best burgers being flipped. Why? Well, for starters, they’re square and they’re small. If you get a sack of 12 White Castles with cheese and split it with your significant other, it only really feels like you’ve finished up a regular cheeseburger.

I swear.


But, what makes White Castles really special is the way the meat is made, the savory chopped onions, and that “just right” steamed bun. I’ve had a recipe that is spot on as a replacement for what Mid-westerners fondly call White Castles. Sliders.

Mmmm. Sliders. Who can resist that wafty scent when you open up a steamy sack of sliders? They are so popular, they are sold in most frozen food sections of grocery stores so that they can be packed in dry ice and sent to relatives who are just craving that little square burger of heavenly goodness.

Here’s my recipe:

White Castles

1 1/2 lb. Ground Chuck

1 package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix

1/2 cup bread crumbs

2 T. water

1/2 t. pepper

1 egg

3 packages of Pepperidge Farm mini party rolls

1 jar of hamburger dill pickles

One package of 16 slice American cheese

Mix all ingredients except for the rolls, pickles and cheese (duh). Spread out meat mixture on a large cookie sheet to about 1/2″ thick. (Tip: Wet your hands to spread the meat on the pan. It will spread easier).  Place squares of cheese on top of the meat mixture. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Drain the pan of grease.

Cut the meat to fit the size of the buns. Assemble the slice of meat on top of each bun and place a hamburger pickle on top.

Once a “package” of buns has been assembled, use your fingers and lightly spray water on top of the hamburger buns. Immediately wrap in foil and heat up for about 8-10 minutes.

Unwrap the foil and serve hot.

Enjoy the sliders and share your Superbowl foods by commenting on this blog!








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