Channeling Jimmy Fallon

Who can’t love Jimmy Fallon? Being an SNL alumni and hosting numerous award shows, he has been given the golden microphone; taking over The Tonight Show in about a week.

Past stars who have coveted the chair behind the desk weren’t as multi-talented as Fallon is. He writes his own jokes, music and performs a multitude of impersonations–sometimes all at the same time.

I remember watching him when he first started Late Night. He was a nervous ball of twine; wound up tight to the point of stopping his blood circulating between head and limbs. Of course, as time went on he came into his own comedic stride. With a great ensemble to help him along, as well as the oft visited Justin Timberlake to be his Dan Rowan to Jimmy’s Dick Martin, some of the shows skits have become infamous.

Let’s start with Slow Jam the News with Brian Williams:

We can’t publish this post without including a few gems with Justin Timberlake. #hastag anyone?

This is a long one but worth it: The History of Rap!

With a new career as the “King of Late Night,” Fallon has already established himself as a regular guy you can’t help but like with his sense of humility as well as humor.


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