Valentine’s Day Advice

I was at the mall the other day and passed up a Victoria Secret store. On one of the windows it said, “Forget dinner. February 14th is Bombshell Day.”victoriasecret


I know they’re trying to sell their wares, but I have a feeling some ladies out there may not want lingerie for Valentine’s Day. I remember one of my friends was furious with her husband for buying her lingerie instead of taking her out to dinner. He didn’t even buy her a card. If you were a woman who received lingerie as a gift and nothing else, what would that tell you about your husband or significant other’s intentions?

Another friend of mine received an iron with an ironing board. Her husband’s face took a week to recover from the iron mark left on his face.

There are many versions of how Valentine’s Day originated. Some say it started with the Catholic church. Others say that it started in London and France where in mid-February the birds would start to mate, therefore leading to romance and love.

I blame Hallmark.

This is probably why some people call Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark” type of day. It’s not a holiday because you have the day off on official  holidays. Personally, I think Halloween should be a national holiday, but a petition hasn’t been passed around for this yet.

When February 14th comes around, women in the workplace look with wide eyed anticipation as deliveries of flowers come their way — and pass them up for your co-worker down the hall. Did your boyfriend/husband forget about you? Maybe. Maybe not.

As the day lingers on, your wide eyed anticipation turns to anger or disappointment. Or maybe no feelings at all. How would you react? With no dinner scheduled for that evening, you end up alone for the night with a phone call from your significant other before your  head hits the pillow. On the flip side, you could be in for a really pleasant surprise when you get home; finding five dozen roses all over the house and a new puppy that just pee’d on your new pristine white area rug.

There are many things women like for Valentine’s Day: Jewelry, flowers, cards, their favorite candy, perfume, or something personal like a specially prepared meal at home with a great bottle of wine; haul the kids off to the sitter’s house for the evening.

But, what about the guys? I feel sorry for them. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you don’t see any commercials about guys getting anything for Valentine’s Day. This is a celebratory day of love so it shouldn’t be meant for the female gender alone. So what do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day? I asked my husband. He said that all he would expect is to not get into trouble for not getting anything for Valentine’s Day.

My husband and I both agree it’s an overly commercialized holiday so we don’t celebrate it. We tell each other we love one another every single day. One day out of the year shouldn’t be required to show a person you love them. You should show a person you love them all the time through kindness and small gestures. But, if your significant other is anxiously awaiting a gift wrapped in paper with printed hearts, make it something that is personal.

That’s my humble opinion. I don’t want jewelry that I may or may not like. Flowers are a waste of money because they don’t last like the eternal love for your beloved. Candy? I just started my diet — don’t make me go on a binge. Why don’t we go into throwback mode?

handwrittenlettersDo you remember when you used to write letters to someone you love? Perhaps I’m aging myself here. But, there is nothing more personal and heartfelt than a hand written letter or poem expressing how you truly feel about another that can be tucked safely away to be shared with other’s when you are old and gray. Or, if you divorce or break up, you can have a party and burn them. Writing costs you nothing. The letters, however, are priceless.

Valentine’s Day needn’t be expensive or over the top. My advice? Be personal, creative and tell them you love them every. Single. Day.


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