Play On Words

My husband, Dave, and me like to play a certain game which often finds me on the losing end.

Today my losing streak has ended. He isn’t here to keep feeding me a line on our imaginary conversation because he isn’t looking over my fin as I type this. He’s actually directly behind me watching me on porpoise.

terriblepunsYes. It’s the famous Play On Words game. I try to show a steady stream of emotions so he can try to take the bait, but he never bites. I always get left in his wake to float and sputter out words which were already used. This is the only rule in the game — you can NOT use the same word twice. Did you catch that?

As we angle back and forth, I try to hook him on a comment so he can’t add to the story, but he always provides a snapper comeback which leaves me aweighing my options; finally surfacing with a confusing, “Can you be more Pacific?” question so I can tide my time and easily throw it back into his side of the lake.

He told me I was being shellfish. Really? I just want to win — that would make me guppy. Instead, I wanted him to see the anchor in my eyes. I wanted him to know that I was a bit crabby since he was AGAIN winning while I was tanking. Just for the halibut, I threw out, “Water you talking about?” I really didn’t think I was being shellfish, but it was done on porpoise.

From my perspective, I just don’t sea it. I’ll never fin, er win. He’ll always be the King of Carp as he seizes the day.

My husband just pointed out that I used the words, “Porpoise and shellfish,” twice. I told him it was my blog and I could change the rules. He told me I needed to go back to school. Playing this game with Dave is an upstream battle. I can’t lure him in like I have tried — it’s a reel challenge. I’m a little lake getting started now.

I was going to end my blog at the last paragraph, but my husband told me, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have a stream of consciousness going on?”

Wow. I’m barely keeping my head above water, so I’m going to continue to sit on my perch and think about a whale of a next story.

I’m just a small fish in a big pond…


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