Puppy Habits

Gunther has been living in his new quarters for over two weeks.

I thought he knew his name, but I’m beginning to have my doubts. However, if he knows his name–deliberately ignoring me–he’s one damn smart dog. Contrarily, I can repeat his name over and over to him within three feet away, and he refuses to make eye contact with me. He is either the stupidest dog I’ve ever owned, or he’s deaf. Personally, I hope it is neither.

Of course, he has started some habits which need to be corrected. Just as small children like to cry to get attention or throw temper tantrums, Gunther has acquired some habits which are typical puppy fare, and one that makes me wonder with tad bit of anxiety.

When he goes outside to pee, he goes outside the back door. I mean, one foot from the back door. This area is a brick patio, not grass. I have to catch him quick enough to pick him up and place him on the mulch somewhere in the back yard. Gunther has no shame when it comes to his potty area preference.

photo4photo3And, as the other German Shepherds we’ve owned before him (with the exception of Sarge), he loves bathrooms. Garbage cans and toilet paper are better toys than a chew bone because it gets you into more trouble.



It’s when he sleeps that provides us with some laughs at his expense. Look at the way this dog sleeps:









One troubling trait I’ve noticed in Gunther that I haven’t seen in any of the other dogs is the way Gunther stalks Crusher. He’ll crouch down and give Crusher a stare, which would of course, start a stare-down contest. Like a panther stalking his prey, Gunther slowly walks toward Crusher; a chase quickly gives way. They have become quick friends, but I’m not sure what to make of his stalking habit. Suggestions, anyone?

He has started to like his lead a little more as long as Crusher walks with him. Considering themselves their own boy gang, they walk the mean sidewalks of Wheaton–keeping pedestrians safe by those unsavory types like squirrels and cardinals. They’ve been practicing gang signs which I’m not too fond of.

Next month we start basic training. My goal would be to see Gunther run through an agility field.  Whenever I would see German Shepherds and their owners go through the agility arena at the german shepherd training school, I’ve always thought it must be rewarding for the dog as well as the owner.

First though it’s basic puppy training. I have to at least get him to quit biting my pant legs which makes me drag my leg across the floor like Igor until I can shake him loose.

Baby, er.. puppy steps.


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