I’ll Never Have to Leave the House

I’m intrigued by Nest. Every time I look at it, it makes me want to buy three of them.

nestThey’re sleek.

They’re modern.

They epitomize what the latest technology should look like based on a human’s reasoning.

Our homes are becoming smarter. Through dozens of innovative apps, anyone can lock their doors away from home. If they have short term memory (like me), you can give yourself a sanity check. We can turn on and off lights through different parts of the house, combined with turning on or off the music.

We do all of our shopping at home as well. We can buy our own coffins online if we wanted to. If you’re never going to leave the house, the odds of you dying in it are probably over 50%. (Resource: Me. 3.19.14). Make life easier on your family after you’ve ascended toward the pearly gates and buy yourself a coffin. Go ahead. Splurge.

Shopping for groceries online has been around for awhile. I’ve tried it and to be quite peapodhonest, I find it cumbersome. I mean, in light of the fact that it may be better from a health standpoint for me to order groceries online, I still like to pick and smell my own produce. Why would you entrust a complete stranger to select your fruits and veggies? If I want big onions, their idea of “big” is not as big as mine, and that pisses me off.

You can request cleaning services online, dog groomers can come to your house and wash up Fido. Dry cleaning, furniture, appliances and even lint rollers can be delivered to  your house without you having to use your car, or even talk to another human being.

I don’t know about you–I don’t know if staying within the four walls of your comfy confines is a good thing. Isolation from others can become a problem. I’d probably never get sick, but I’d also would start talking to myself.

I already talk to my dogs. This is completely normal behavior. I also talk to myself. I’m not sure if this is normal behavior. Of course, I don’t recall exactly what conversations I’ve had with myself because to me, it’s an unconscious habit.  It’s the equivalent of biting your nails when you don’t realize it, or opening up a kitchen cabinet to look your Windex right in the nozzle and start singing to it.

Home technology gadgets are pretty awesome. But, what would happen if your house lost power? Would you be able to switch back to doing all of these automated tasks manually? Worst yet, would you remember how to manually use a lock after not doing it for so long?

There is this  something called balance. Sometimes you need to rely on your own God-given wits to go through life manually locking and unlocking doors. Other times, you need to rely on devices to keep you comfortable either when it’s -15 below or 95 degrees outside.

I’d like to hear from anyone out there who advocates a smart home where everything is automated. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about where home technology is going to go in the future.

The Jetsons just seem so old school now…


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