Sometimes You Need a Little Faith

Have you ever doubted yourself about what you are capable of accomplishing?

Insert the scared factor here.

Doubting yourself can really hold you back. There are so many times–and I mean–SO MANY TIMES that I have held myself back on accomplishing things because I really felt I didn’t have the guts to go through with them.

I know. Me? Yeah. I’ve had to talk myself into doing some things I was certainly unsure about. But, what I discovered was faiththat little invisible trinket called faith.

Having a little faith in your back pocket can help you accomplish a lot of things in life. Sprinkle that faith over your doubts and watch them disappear.

I have lived enough to know that when I didn’t try to accomplish something because I was either afraid or unsure, I would regret it later on in life.


On the flip-side, the chances that I did take turned out great. Well, most of them. This is where the “live and learn” credo comes in; that’s another of life’s valuable lessons to save for another day.

I needed to have a little faith in raising my child; knowing what the right decision was for my son compared to what my son wanted, or what my family thought was best. The person that knows best in making a decision for their child is the parent, unless the parent is a drug lord, pimp, serial killer or cult leader. There could be more titles there, but I would be rambling.

You need to have a little faith on the chances you take professionally. You also need that splatter of faith in your personal life; this is where a lot of people struggle and can’t seem to find their faith.

Where did it go? Is it under the driver’s seat of your car with the Snickers wrapper? Wait. Maybe you left it with your last failed relationship. Or, possibly it’s still sitting in a drawer at the last horrible job you had.

I look at this way: If your decision is right for you, you can bet good things will start to fall into place. The stars align, karma has come full circle–whatever you want to call it. All I know is that having faith in yourself can open up a whole new spectrum of possibilities you didn’t know existed.

So, start opening up some doors. Rather than sticking your foot into the doorjamb, step inside and discover what possibilities await. Do your homework on what you want to do and then take that leap of faith through that door and embrace everything that starts coming your way.

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare (Hamlet)





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