A New Book Release with Shameless Self Promotion

It’s been several years in the making and I didn’t realize it.

It was only until last summer that I decided to take several of my blog posts and transform them into short stories. It took me about a dozen re-writes and about eight or nine pairs of eyes to read my manuscript to provide me with feedback before I actually submitted it to a publisher.

Author House was kind enough to edit my manuscript, give it a Copyright, help finalize my book cover design and navigated me through the legal as well as marketing processes.

angrybirdsbeehivehaircoverI now have a formal published book called, Angry Birds and Beehive Hair – A short story collection of real-life sarcastic drama.

I take you on a journey through my childhood years with an Italian/Polish upbringing, and continue through the triumphs and tribulations of my adulthood with sarcastic humor and attempted grace. My most unexpected, yet highly relatable moments that we all share in life have a common thread: Life’s absurdities show us that we are not alone for this wild ride.

It is difficult to summarize twenty-seven short stories to you. Some people thought I was a boy when I was a really a Brownie drop out. My parents highly encouraged me to play with a cardboard box, and I was exposed to a flasher and a peeping tom (but not at the same time). I’ve suffered embarrassment–just like you. I was part of the corporate world, and have some points of view to share. I talk about the love/hate relationship with social media, dogs, skydiving and my problem with public restrooms and gyms.

There is more. So much of what I’ve written about are your experiences as well. What you really want to talk about deep inside, but are afraid of what others’ think is no longer an issue because this book does it for you. You can buy this book and fondly look back to say, “I wasn’t the only one who had to endure some guy coughing up a lung during a conference call.”

It’s currently available in hardcover and paperback through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Author House as well as 25,000 other book re-sellers, and will be available through e-book versions in about a week or so.

Please visit my website, booksbynancychovancek.com, to purchase your hard cover, soft cover or e-book version today. I will hopefully have some book signing events coming up within the coming months and this information will be posted on my book website as well as Facebook and Twitter.







2 thoughts on “A New Book Release with Shameless Self Promotion

    1. Thank you! I think the re-write process is the most painful part because you keep reading it over and over again to try to make it better. When you are ready to pull the trigger, contact Author House. They are wonderful to work with!

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