And the Winners Are…

The results are in and the winners of the free book giveaway are:


Kim S.

David W.

Diane P.

Elizabeth K.

Wendy M.

David W. (not the same one listed above, so don’t think I counted him twice!)

Shelly M.

Linda R.

Nancy M.

Jeffrey K.

I look forward to your reviews either on Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Thank you all for participating! I will email you when the books are shipped!

Happy Reading!

Nancy Chovancek


8 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

    1. And, hopefully you will be drinking wine while reading it. Just don’t read it while riding because I need a review from you. I don’t want you dead from a head on collision with a tree.

    1. You’re late. I posted my ten winners on Saturday. Sorry, Bitter Ben! You can download it on a Kindle or Nook for $4.00. Or, if you want to hold the book in your hands, check out my book page, There are several places where you can buy the books. They range in price, so choose which one would be best for you.

      1. Rude. Well, I guess I will have to do it the bitter way, which is parting with my money in order to read about sarcasm. You’re lucky I like sarcasm, or I would not even attempt to feed your dogs.

      2. I know. I’m a rude, selfish bitch, Bitter Ben. Enjoy the sarcasm because I’m close to shooting down squirrels in my yard to feed my dogs.

      3. You know you can sell things like shoes or pillows are blood to pay for food for your dogs right? It’s probably just a lot more fun to get money for your book instead.

  1. I sold my blood already to pay for the fence. Shoe are out of the question because my puppy has eaten one of each pair. So, unless you want a pair of shoes with the left shoe being completely worthless (and you like to wear heels), you’re in luck.

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