Learning Sign Language

My hands hurt.

But, I can have a conversation with my dogs with no problem using sign language, or ASL, as we like to call it.sign language

Do my dogs understand? No. My husband, who has arthritic hands, signs to me like a doctor’s handwriting–you can’t understand it. He is trying though, and I appreciate his efforts.

I started learning sign language because it was a good way to have discussions in noisy situations. The downside is if others’ don’t understand it, it’s really pretty useless. But, as long as my husband understands what I’m saying–and vice versa– we’re golden.

I thought I would share with you two videos that my wonderful cousin, Alexis, has shared with me. This is what I know right now. These are great tools to train yourself how to sign and when you bump into me on a busy train track. We can have a discussion about how to get the hell off the track without getting killed.

Note: Each video is about thirty minutes long and the instructor is entertaining. He had to be or else I wouldn’t be watch it. And, no. There is no sound.




Oh, and if you’re in the mood for some entertaining reading about hearing loss, hop on over to my book website and download or buy I Can Finally Hear Birds, or Bobble Head. 


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