Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

It’s not a day to go shopping. It’s not a day that should be spent with people9799903744fa4f6a0234a962486c4322 you despise. It’s also not a day to get drunk off your ass and make, well, an ass of yourself.

I think people forget what the day means.

It’s not about deals, steals, robbing, looting and anger. We see enough of that in this world–especially within the last week.

I think people use a highly contradictory case to use as an excuse for poor behavior–no matter what the outcome. People broke into, pillaged, and set on fire small businesses. They took things that didn’t belong to them, and ruined and destroyed others’ property for absolutely no reason other than to get what they wanted for free. Call it an early Christmas shopping PILLAGE & STEAL SALE. What these idiots also did was robbed people of jobs, ruined businesses and tanked their town’s economies. They can now be angrier at others–as usual–rather than pointing the finger in the fucking mirror.

The very people who claim that justice has done them wrong, went out and ruined the businesses that helped their towns, helped to keep taxes down, possibly gave them and their friends jobs, and spent people’s hard-earned tax dollars (including their own), by having police officers wrangle down and try to keep justice intact.

The people who perpetuated violence this week don’t understand what justice means.

They don’t.

What they understand is anger and violence.

This is wrong.

Can everyone take a deep breath and sit down for a minute? Hey you, the looter who broke into that small business owner’s shop? While you’re busy unpacking whatever it is that isn’t rightfully yours, perhaps you may want to think about a few things:

  • Your children will grow up to do the same thing–possibly to you one day.
  • You ruined the dreams of innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with the highly contradictory case which was televised across the nation. They weren’t part of the equation..AT ALL.
  • You felt it was your right–no–privilege to take what wasn’t yours and set fire to things, upturn cars, smash windows, etc. because you wanted “justice.”

Again, some individuals don’t know what justice means.

They don’t.

What they understand is anger and violence.

This is wrong.

thankfulSo, tomorrow when a day to be thankful arrives, let us all think about these acts of violence and how we all can do our small part to not let it happen again.

Tell people violence is not the answer.

Inform others who are angry over things–anything–to put things into perspective.

Do a random act of kindness; no matter how small it is. Make it your job to put a smile on someone’s face; just one face.

Be thankful more than one day a year. Be thankful for a roof over your head, food on the table, a job, good kids, clothes on your back, your health, a family who loves you. Take all of those thankful things and keep them close to your heart. Don’t let anger get close to those things–anger only destroys things.

Anger destroys people’s lives.

I did my part by writing this blog. Spread the word and do the same.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and be thankful for everything you have.

Every day.




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