I’m obsessed. I’m not gonna lie.

I’ve been self-teaching myself abstract painting. This is obvious because even though I’ve put things on my Etsy shop, I haven’t sold one item.

But, the reason why I paint isn’t for money–I love to paint, just like I love to write.

As I’m going through growing pains of learning the art of acrylics, types of brushes to use to create certain effects, and figuring out that gesso really does make painting less of a hassle, I ran across a book in the art store that I frequent and couldn’t put it down.

I’ve always been a doodler.

On the phone, during meetings, thinking about what to write–I’m always doodling. I would typically start with squares and then put triangles in them and color every other one to make a checkered design. I would make ocean waves, googly eyes, stupid faces and spaghetti strands.

Abstract painting is fun, but it wasn’t detailed enough for me. To be completely honest–up to this point in time–I only knew how to draw stick people.

But, that all changed when I started Zentangle.

So, what is Zentangle?

It’s fun, relaxing, and non-technical. All you need is a little creativity, a pen and paper. For myself, I use canvas, acrylics, and markers (thin and thick).

Go big or go home.

Zentangle is almost like meditating–once you start you can’t stop. Have you ever heard of “mindful breathing?” Zentangle is sort of like that, but your hands are doing the drawing which is spun from your creative mind, books, and of course, Pinterest.

I’ve made a few paintings with the Zentangle theory. I really didn’t think I would get this immersed into something so intricate. If I saw this at an art fair, I would have told myself that the person who did this is just crazy. The detail involved with Zentangle is completely up to you.

Go to their website and check out the theory, different uses, and the methodology.

I did a painting of a woman that started my spiraling into Zentangle (no pun intended). Her necklace started it:


All of my kids wanted her. “Beautiful Medusa” was given to the youngest because he guessed my number between 1 and 100.

Then, I decided to jump right in with something fun and psychedelic:


That wasn’t enough though. I needed more TANGLES!!!!! That’s when I opened up and started to really draw:

It ended up being called, “The Queen of Hearts.”


Now you’re probably thinking, She’s nuts. How can a person paint such intricate lines and come up with these crazy ideas?

Honestly, this one just started with a paper heart I cut out. I drew four on the canvas, and that led to another four…or more. Swirls? Gotta love swirls!!!

The one I just finished makes me think of Maui. I drew an ocean curl to look like a person was looking right through it onto the horizon. I painted it, blended colors too pretty for words and then went nuts Zentangl-ing all the waves:


If you zoom in on the picture, there must be a million little bubbles on that canvas.

So, now I’m onto my next idea: A row of buildings. Houses? Shops? I don’t know yet. All I definitely know is that I’m totally loving this new hobby!

Give it a try!


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