The F Bomb

Hold Up - I Have Something To Say

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you can surmise by my language that I freely use the word, fuck, like salt and pepper.

A little “fuck” here, a dash of “fuck” there.

The F Bomb, as it is politely called, is used by millions of people–sometimes on a daily basis–as myself. How people got into the habit of using the swear word can be debated; some people will say it’s how you were brought up. On the other hand, some people claim it is by the company you keep.


I know how I inherited my use of the word, fuck.

The perps were my parents in the kitchen with the wooden spoon. Take that, Clue lovers!

So, if you gave a fuck about the English language, you would stop fucking around and study the word fuck.

Fuck is one of the most varying and interchangeable words that…

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