Really? Part 3

The stuff I see on #Pinterest makes me wanna say, “Really?” #blogging #humor #amwriting

Hold Up - I Have Something To Say

When I go onto Pinterest I see things that just make my jaw drop open.

All of this stuff is being concocted from our little brains and being sold for various purposes. Some of which are obvious, and others to which at first, I thought were sexual devices.

Here is part 3 of when I see something on Pinterest all I can say is, “Really?”

Plastic Head Squirrel Feeder

d8647358c987d9abf5be639439b2a576This made me laugh only because we have so many squirrels in our backyard, we use a BB gun to get rid of them. Don’t call me a hater or animal abuser. These numb- skulls literally squawk at my dogs – teasing them from atop a tree because squirrels are smart: They know dogs can’t climb trees. They eat our bird food which is specifically there for cardinals, and they leave walnut shells for my bare feet to step on allowing…

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